Captain Pellew's Landing Party

The following posts relate to our endeavours to recreate the Royal Navy and Marine Corps as they would have looked under the command of Captain Edward Pellew, of HMS Nymph, when he successfully captured the French frigate Cleopatra off the South Devon coast on June 18, 1793.

SKG3 have been staging living history displays and providing speakers since 1993. We are proud to have been commissioned by many prestigious and influential institutions for the education and entertainment of the public. We can mention BBC documentaries (2), German speaking TV (2), and Channel 4. Research material has been used by Ray Mears Survival series, the respected publishers Dorling Kindersley, and archaeological excavations in the United States. Our living history events have proved popular with English Heritage (7), the National Trust (4), the National Army Museum (5), Powderham Castle (5), Exeter City Council (7), in addition to numerous regional museums and festivals.

October 14, 2012

Woodbridge Maritime Festival

A detachment of Captain Edward Pellew's Royal Navy and Marines were pleased to support Woodbridge in September 2012.

Ipswich Maritime Festival 2011, 2012

SKG3 was asked to support traders in 2011 wishing to promote the nautical heritage of Ipswich. The picture below appeared on the 2012 event literature. Over 50,000 attended the 2012 weekend long celebration and we have been commissioned to support the 2013 event. Our night-firing volley of muskets proving particularly popular.

Vyne House, National Trust, 2011

Always keen to support the National Trust, SKG3 was commissioned to capture various aspects of 18th century life.

HMS Bounty visits Plymouth 2011

SKG3 was commissioned to provide a contingent of Royal Navy and Marines to man HMS Bounty on its visit to Plymouth in May 2011. This was the vessel used in the film 'Mutiny on the Bounty' staring Marlon Brando and Trevor Howard in 1962. In portraying the crew, our uniform clothing was quite perfect for the historical event which occured in 1789.